About Engage Technology Partners

Engage Technology Partners builds software to make finding, hiring, and paying temporary workers painless. Our platform supports the entire workflow, and provides value to recruitment agencies, employment businesses, end hirers, and most importantly, the workers themselves. Having everyone sharing the same platform makes a difficult, expensive, and error-prone process simple. Our neutrality and pricing make us the obvious choice for companies that want a win-win solution for themselves and their clients.

To understand more about the needs of our customers and the value we provide to them, see engagetech.com.

Our Products

We ship a number of products that work together to allow our customers to work together:

  • Vendor Management System: allows end hirers and recruitment agencies to work together to fill vacancies, pay invoices on time, and understand the amount of money being spent.
  • Worker Management: a product that makes it easy to gather all the documentation needed to let a worker start and get paid promptly, correctly, and legally.
  • Time and Bill: you need to know how much time someone has worked to be able to pay them.
  • Payroll: making sure workers get paid promptly and correctly.

These products are applicable to all people working in the UK, though some are more applicable to temporary workers. Our clients are from all sorts of industries, including IT, construction, advertising, healthcare, and hospitality.

The market for our products is absolutely massive. A lot of our challenges lie in understanding people's interactions across companies - workflows that span three companies and half a dozen individuals are the norm, not the exception.

We are building a modern SaaS platform, using AWS, Docker, node.js, Java, and Angular. We use Sketch and have a design system. We release multiple times a week, and design for a mobile-first workforce.

Our Team

We're a diverse team of people, both professionally and personally, bringing together a broad range of skill sets, experiences, backgrounds and cultures. Historically, our industry has been terrible at encouraging diversity, but we believe it helps us build better products for our diverse user base. It's for this reason that we're committed to building a kind, supportive, inclusive team. In the last twelve months, almost 40% of our hires in product development have been women, and there is no gender pay gap.

As a team and as individuals, we're ambitious, and always looking to improve. Success to us, means working as a team to build products that our users love. When our customers are excited to sell our products to their contacts on our behalf, we know we're doing great work.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and family-friendly - it's not unusual to see a baby in a team meeting. Being your best at work means having balance outside it - if you need to pick the kids up from school, visit a sick relative, or just want to walk the dog while the sun is shining, that's part of life. We expect you to work sensible hours and take your holidays.

Some of our product development team is based in London, including Product Management and Design - remote brainstorming can be really hard. Engineering is spread across Europe, because we believe you can ship great software from anywhere. We live in Slack, remote people come to London regularly, and we work very hard to make everyone feel included.

Where to Next?

Our sales pipeline is full of customers and we're accelerating our product development to satisfy their needs. We have big goals for 2018 and beyond, and we're looking for ambitious people to help us reach them.

Current openings